Friday, April 01, 2005


It's that time of year again, March Madness is almost over, the weather is turning warmer, the grass is starting to show a hint of green, the new clubs are on order and all the talk in the golf world is about the Big Four and the Masters. Golf fans often debate which major is the best but for me there is no question its the Masters. Its the only major played on the same course which happens to be perfection, it is the first of the year, it never has a fluke winner, their is always an amazing ending on sunday evening and its aired damn near commercial free. Granted is it the weakness field of all the majors but it never fails to deliver on the weekend. I look forward to this year because their is not clear cut favorite. The Big Four have all won this year and seem to be playing well. It was disappointing that none of them made a run at the Players, but I still see all of them in contention at Augusta. No predictions here just yet, but they will follow soon enough.


Anonymous Bob Nash(A Georgian) said...

Another factor of note at Augusta
is unpredicable conditions. Aside from unmatched beauty, cooler conditions combined with
unreliable windage tend to make
Augusta's showdown testy. I've heard the stars over Augusta are
all those famed golfers watching
to see who...does what...and how.

Like Azalea blossoms will fall, so
will likely candidates for that
precious green colored blazer. That's my bet.

By the way, when Gary Player strides down those immaculate
alleys, will the Black Knight be
so invigorated he'll make the cut?

A Nine-Hole Walker

7:16 AM  

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