Friday, April 22, 2005

Nationwide Tour

As I mentioned in my profile, I caddied on the Nationwide Tour in 2002 where I gained an understanding of how good theses guys really are and how difficult it is to get to the PGA Tour and to stay on the Tour. I think this weeks Nationwide Tour Event in Virginia Beach is a perfect example of the Nationwide Tour's strength. There is an argument that if you took away the top 10 to 15 of the European Tour, the Nationwide Tour is better and deeper. Since 2002, I have been a believer of this thought. This week the Nationwide Tour is playing the TPC of Virginia Beach, a course that stretches 7,432 yards. If you look at the scorecard, you will see Par 4 after Par 4 that are 450 yards and longer. This course would rank as the one of the longest on the PGA Tour. The most interesting fact about this weeks tournament is that there are 35 former PGA Tour winners in the field including Wayne Grady, who won a PGA Championship, and Steve Pate, who has won 6 times on Tour and played on two winning US Ryder Cup teams. Some of the other former winners who you may or may not have heard of include:

Curt Byrum - Kenny Knox - Jim McGovern - Jay Delsing - Tom Scherrer - Keith Clearwater - Jay Don Blake - Gary Hallberg - Grant Waite - Garrett Willis

If the Nationwide Tour comes to your town, I recommend going out and watching. If you see the Tour on The Golf Channel, I suggest you watch for a few minutes. Not only will you see these players but you will see the future Tom Lehmans, Chad Campbells and Zach Johnsons. Catch out the action at
Nationwide Leaderboard


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