Tuesday, May 31, 2005


This weekend’s stop in Memphis looked like it was going to be a dud in the way of drama but it turns out the theme for the year is get a big third round lead and hold on for dear life. Leonard was running away with it after three rounds. He had an 8 shot lead and looked to be on cruise control. I guess it’s difficult to go into the final round with a big lead knowing that if you shot par you have it locked up. Leonard fires 3 over while Toms fires 7 under. Toms nearly caught him which would have set the record for largest lead lost heading into the final round. Granted, this is the FedEx and not the Masters in 1996 or the British Open in 1999, but it still would have been a top 10 choke. But Leonard held on and all that he will remember is this was his second win of the year and the $882,000 check that came with it.

As for checks, one of my boys DJ Brigman picked up $96,040 for a T12 finish. DJ has made a few cuts but has generally finished at the bottom of the money. This check moves him from 193 to 163 ($151,505) on the money list. He’s about a 1/4 of the way to the $630,000 he needs to get his card for next year. After the US Open, he should be able to get into every field for the rest of the year. I’ll be watching him closely. I carried for him in a few practice rounds and witnessed his infamous dance routine at a bar in Eugene, OR. The man put on one of the greatest 80s dances performances (while Scott Sterling from the Nationwide Tour sang Karaoke) I have ever seen. I remember an Oregon co-ed asking me how drunk he was and I had the pleasure of replying that he was stone cold sober. With moves like his, I can see how he won over Marisa, his wife and anchor for a local New Mexico station evening news.


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