Friday, July 01, 2005

Sex Appeal

Not too long ago, Ty Votaw (LPGA Commish at the time) wanted to add some sex appeal to the LPGA in an attempt to draw more crowds and more TV viewers. He took a lot of heat for it because many felt that the quality play should carry the LPGA Tour. Well, the quality of play as increased but the dollars haven’t rolled in. Forbes recently published the top 5 woman with the highest income in sports. The top 4 were tennis players followed by Annika. The top earner was Maria Sharapova ($18M) who is not only a Wimbledon champion, but is very sexy. There are a few young players to join the tour in the last couple years who have started to add some sex appeal to the LPGA. Here are some of my favorites, unfortunately Ms. Paula Creamer does not have a website yet.

Natalie Gulbis
Erica Blasberg
Jill McGill
Paula Marti


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