Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Tiger, Wie and Gore

Tiger’s performance this past weekend was quite impressive mainly because of his ball striking. He did hit a few wide rights, but for the most part hit nearly every shot exactly how he intended. The scary thing is that he won going away, but he really didn’t make any putts all weekend. Lots and lots of two putts. Of course, several of those were two putt birdies. He clearly has gotten his swing to where he wants it. The only thing stopping him from going on another run is his putting. He would have won the US Open if he had made anything. Instead he finished 2nd despite being at the bottom of the field in putting. When he starts making putts, look out. He might again become unbeatable.

As most know, Michelle Wie was competing this past week in the US Amateur Public Links. That’s the Men’s USAPL. I was impressed that she qualified for match play especially after she was T84 after the first round. I was surprised that she made it to the quarterfinals. Getting three victories in match play was a total shock to me. I did notice that in her matches that she was shooting around even par and in the match she lost her appoint (and eventual champion) was 4 under. I think that is where she will struggle if she goes against the guys full time. She seems to be able to make par after par on very difficult courses but I have yet to see her go deep on a relatively easy course. The guys she is playing against have the capability of going on runs and making 4,5 or 6 birdies in a row. I’m just not sure she has that in her game right now. She may develop it, but until then she should concentrate on junior and womens events. She’s got a good 25 years to challenge the guys.

Lastly, Jason Gore who became a fan favorite at the US Open has continued his excellent play. In the last two weeks, he has passed on sponsor’s exemptions on the PGA Tour to focus on the Nationwide Tour and it has paid off. He has gotten back to back victories and secured his Tour Card for 2006. He will now focus on getting that third win and the battlefield promotion. He will probably also play a few PGA Tour events now that he knows he will be out there next year. Congrats to Jason, he is a good dude who hopefully in 2006 will find his permanent home on the PGA Tour.


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